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Our latest achievements:

“This is not our first collaboration with ITPM Consulting! This time, I mandated Laurent for the migration of our Legal GED and we carried out this project again successfully.
Laurent is an outstanding IT Project Manager who combines human skills, deep understanding of IT Project Management methodologies, strong leadership, budget management and communication skills. He would be an asset to any organization, and I highly recommend him for any complex Project”
Alain Bisin, Head of Infrastructure
Piguet Galland & Cie SA
“Laurent was an excellent Project Manager during the migration of our legal banking GED.
His rigor, his professionalism, and his ability to federate the team were decisive for the success of the project. In addition, he instilled a team spirit and intense collaboration among all stakeholders, which led to its total success.
I am already looking forward to collaborating with him again in our future projects.”
Olivier Moret, Senior Business Analyst
Piguet Galland & Cie SA
What our clients say:

“We collaborated with Laurent on multiple operational and IT projects in the financial sector. He is a hardworking and driven professional, able to tackle with heavy workloads and keeping his crisp analytical skills. I appreciated his bold but realistic objective settings.”

Pascal H. Widmer, CEO Unicorn Consulting
former CEO Cramer Bank & Cie Sa
“ITPM expertise and methodology in managing all aspects of the project, especially optimized use of financial resource and project management, contributed to our success. Each milestones had to be validated, both at technical level and with the users. Thanks to ITPM’s support, all different phases were clearly documented and followed the agreed budget.”

Denis Haldemann, CEO DHS Services
former IT Director Piguet Galland & Cie Sa
“ITPM was the ideal partner for us during the implementation of our new Risk Management Application. Their agile and expertized work approach meant we incurred no waste or distraction in the process, and throughout the project the ITPM team challenged us positively to ensure we kept scalability and adoption in mind for launch.”
Thomas Kortmoller, CEO Optimiso Group Sa
“The tailored solutions received from ITPM Consulting allowed us to rapidly setup all necessary managements tools for our business. Laurent’s professionalism and expertise lead us to sharpen our drive with better decisions. We highly recommend their services to standout from your competitors.”
Patrick Studer, CEO CAP Consulting
former Accounting Director Clarins Switzerland Sa